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Can you imagine a special place where you can leave your little ones to play and make friends whilst you take some time for yourself? Welcome to Mandarina Baby Resort - a family-friendly space designed with you and your little ones in mind. A place where you can feel at home and your kids can play and have fun in a magical, comfortable and relaxed environment.

How does BabyResort® work?

Every morning your baby or toddler is welcome to play and explore freely in the Baby Resort, and every afternoon you can count on the supervision of a native English-speaking monitor to help with activities Every afternoon we offer a variety of different activities including: Creative painting, cooking, story time, dancing, cinema, arts & crafts... check out all the Mandarina workshops!

Prices: 3€ euros per hour if you choose to stay and relax in our Slow Cafe, 5€ per hour if you need to pop out, and 4 euros per hour if you have bought one of our 10 hour vouchers.

We understand that not every child is the same so children are welcome to join in with the activities on offer or just explore and play on their own, all under the supervision of our lovely monitors. No matter what they choose to do, you can be sure they’ll have a ball! We have a large supply of books and traditional toys and games to keep your children occupied, giving you time to relax or catch up with friends.

For parents too

And you? What if you take advantage of that time to have a coffee at our SlowCafé with friends, read a book, go shopping or just have some time for yourself?

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