Children Birthday parties

Quality and now a healthier party

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If getting a healthy infant diet is a challenge for families and cabbages, consider "a birthday without sugar or processed" that is both attractive and appetizing for children, it might sound utopian .

But thanks to advice from the team of Juan Llorca, Chef of the slow food for children , we want Mandarina garden to be the perfect place to dare to try new ingredients not associated with a typical children's space. Mandarina is a space of discovery in the diet, as it is in the game and learning. That's why the child is willing to give the fruit, hummus or a whole-grain cake a chance and the parents will be surprised that suddenly their son likes a natural juice.

The result of this collaboration has been reflected in a new "birthday card" designed by Miriam Mallea where the child no longer chooses a closed menu but can choose the options that best suit his taste and among those that always healthy alternatives predominate. In addition, processed meats have been eliminated and tarts made with natural fruits and with minimal amounts of sugar have been incorporated. It uses dried fruits such as raisins to sweeten some of the cakes in a healthy way. As for beverages, natural juices and oatmeal with cocoa shakes predominate.

Do you want to know more about the collaboration with Juan Llorca?

Quarantined birthday

With or without Coronavirus a birthday party in style

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The time has come to celebrate the birthday of our children but we are still at home. At Mandarina garden we want everyone to enjoy and celebrate that special day and we want to help you thanks to our complete kit to celebrate your birthday party in true Mandarina style.

We have already put many themes in motion to celebrate our children's birthday at home. Harry Potter, Marvel super heroes, Dog Patrol, Mermaid and the special for quarantine and to beat the Coronavirus, Kit #yomequedoencasa birthday.

+info and all the details by clicking here, in your Mandarina center:


Decoration kit to celebrate your birthday at home themed by Harry Potter
Decoration kit to celebrate your birthday at home themed bye Mermaid
Decoration kit to celebrate your birthday at home themed by Stay At Home
Decoration kit to celebrate your birthday at home themed by Super heroes
Info and details  Decoration kit to celebrate your birthday at home
Info and details of the Decoration kit to celebrate your birthday at home

How is a Mandarina birthday party?

Home from home celebrations

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Cumples para niños divertidos y originales

Mandarina grows and now you can MAKE YOUR MANDARINA BIRTHDAY IN MORE PLACES, now you will find us in Alicante, Barakaldo, Castro, Huelva, & Parla - Madrid. IT ADAPTS TO YOU to be able to celebrate the fulfillments in a totally personalized way and with many and EXCLUSIVE THEMES, fun, according to the ages of children and their tastes.

Our prices do not come with last-minute surprises, we have a closed price loaded with many things!: chic and personalized invitation in digital format (DESIGNED BY MANDARINA for YOU) so that you can send it to all your guests, cake, varied snack TOTALLY HOME, drinks, sweets of the good, monitoras with divers games during all the birthday and a special and very careful decoration set in the theme of the party!
Where the imagination lives!

And remember that in Mandarina garden we also wait for you to celebrate your birthday! Where the imagination lives!
We offer the possibility of celebrating birthdays for children, meetings of friends and family or fully personalized parties from 0 to 100 years, with everything necessary for the day to be a dream.
You are invited!
Everything is possible in Mandarina garden!

Simple but fun

Customized to likes and ages

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Mandarina garden now closer to you! Where the imagination will run at ease, where you will have more spaces for you and the kids, where you will still be at home ...

Mandarina has a very diverse facilities, where you can celebrate the fulfillment in a totally personalized way , many fun themes and according to the ages of the children and their tastes.

And we do not forget the daddies! In our cafeteria space you can enjoy a small homemade snack, snacks and of course, our homemade sweets. Ask about all the options.

Click here to request information about your birthday at Mandarina garden

News in Mandarina

Glow party, pijama party & Escape Room

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First birthday party

Make it great and unique!

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Because the first years are special and you want to share with everyone that the little one is getting older...

Each time you are more those who enjoy a Mandarina party to celebrate their first years. We love these very familiar encounters and that you can enjoy those important moments.

In Mandarina garden you have an ideal and exclusive space for these celebrations where you can feel at home and have a party with your mimes. We are ready to mix ages so everyone has fun guaranteed!

Cumpleaños Mandarina Babies Primer cumple
Cumpleaños Mandarina Minnie Mouse
Cumpleaños Mandarina Mickey Mouse
Cumpleaños Mandarina Peppa Pig

Original birthdays parties

Classics never go

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Do you want to give your children a party that they never forget?
Get in touch with us and ask us what you want...

In addition, you can make and customize the party according to the tastes and preferences of the child: you can include all our children's workshops and other shows to make a mark on that special day.

For a birthday party with an exclusive, original and genuine decoration of Mandarina garden. If you are looking for something different and where the real protagonist is people.

Where imagination lives!

Cumpleaños Mandarina Princess party
Cumpleaños Mandarina Superhéroes
Cumpleaños Mandarina Animales de la jungla
Cumpleaños Mandarina Circus

Disney, superheroes and princesses

Pure magic and illusion

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If you are one of those who live excited by the fantasy of the Disney world or live disguised under the guise of your favorite superhero or princess, you have a lot of themes to make it easy!

Because the Disney world is pure fantasy, you fulfill everything!

Here, in the world of Neverland!

Cumpleaños Mandarina descendientes 2
Cumpleaños Mandarina Star Wars
Cumpleaños Mandarina Frozen
Cumpleaños Mandarina Harry Potter
Cumpleaños Mandarina Toy Story
Cumpleaños Mandarina Ladybug
Cumpleaños Mandarina Patrulla Canina

Trending teens birthday parties

Different and the coolest for teenagers!

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Cumpleaños Slime para adolescentes
Cumpleaños Disco Party para adolescentes

For those who have children who are not so young, who enter the complicated world of pre-adolescence and what they want is to have a birthday, different and special, according to their age, Mandarina garden presents you with Special workshops for them!. Here dads do not have the obligation to stay "watching" because they are teenagers...

Cumpleaños Diseña tu propia camiseta
Cumpleaños Mandarina Pequeñas cocineras
Cumpleaños Mandarina Washi-Tape
Cumpleaños Mandarina Spa Party
Cumpleaños Mandarina Aloha party
Cumpleaños Mandarina Rock Star

Infórmate de tu cumple

Cierra los ojos y...

Celebrate your birthday in Alicante, Barakaldo, Castro, Huelva, & Parla - Madrid

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