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Painting and colouring is a brilliant way to learn while having fun. With the Mandarina Colouring Book, kids are invited to discover a world full of colours, shapes, and imagination.
Mandarina Printables are designed to develop your child’s creativity and awareness, and also improve their ability to concentrate and express themselves.

Here you will find a selection of our Mandarina characters for you and your little ones to colour in and let your imaginations run wild.

Children and recycling

Posters to help them recycle

Poster to recycle paper at home
Poster to recycle packaging and products at home
Poster to recycle glass at home
Poster to recycle organic garbage at home
Coloring of Amanda ready to ski
Special Mandarina puzzle for this winter
Cut out and stick the accessories for your snowman
Download and personalize your banner with a winter touch
Coloring of a landscape with a lot of snow!
Maze, alphabet soup related to this winter
Complete this poetry by Silvia Zurdo (winter)

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