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Fancy planting your own Mandarina?

There are many of you who follow Mandarina and identify with our philosophy. Many of you who write to me say that you have always wanted to open your own similar space. Well here’s your chance. If you would like to be part of our team and take a segment of the Mandarina to your own city, then read on.

We would love for you to get to know our business model, which keeps with the times and prioritises your own time with your family. This is an offline business with a long term plan.

It is an exciting adventure! All of us know that nowadays, investment is difficult. Rest assured, however, that in this venture you will always be supported - we will be at your side at every step and we will help to make your dream a reality. Now is the time. Fancy sharing a piece of Mandarina with us?

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A project to conciliate

We want to have a friendly space, a place to feel Home from home. Where the daddies can enjoy a daily stop leaving the hurries and stress aparacados and enjoy our products totally homemade and with own recipe Tangerine.

Mandarina Corner Franchises

A slice of Mandarina in your own business

Mandarina corner franquicias

Una genial idea para todos los que ya tenéis vuestro negocio propio.

Would you like to plant a Mandarina Corner in your own business? Do you need a ready-made space for your smaller customers? Would you like to create a Baby Resort adapted to those little ones, where creativity is forged, handicrafts are made and imagination and values are developed?

We offer you the possibility of creating this special, safe place for the very youngest of your visitors. These places are carefully designed and managed, and also help the mums and dads who visit to enjoy their own time out. To do this, Mandarina provides both the know how and the material which is steeped in our philosophy, values and experience.

Why do we do this? Because you deserve it, the children deserve it and the parents deserve it! At a time when life is rushing by faster than ever, Mandarina will help you at every step - so that even while you’re not around, your customers are happy. A Mandarina Corner - what do you think?

People are the most important

Customize your Mandarina

Because in Mandarina garden we believe that today business is different. Where each of us can contribute for the joint growth of all. Where you also have your space to be able to give your own personality to your new Mandarina garden.

A model that we will adapt to the location of each center, to fully study the prices and the target audience. Something that we consider very important for the landing and projection of the business.

And of course, we have the difference that our products are totally homemade and made at the center.


Always innovating and developing

For a secure, long term future

Our Innovation and Development department is always thinking about the future, and for this reason we focus our efforts on creating new projects and services for families. Our objective is to consolidate our brand presence in the market as well as adding special value to our franchises.

It's not easy being pioneers, but we’ve always managed to move forward. Our work centers upon constant innovation and development to be the vanguard of the sector.

Working with Mandarina garden is putting your trust in years of experience of the children’s sector and all of the methods and materials we have developed as a result, which can only help to ensure business success..

A Strong and Stable Project

Behind the scenes, we count on the support of Ara & Associates. They are a large team which facilitate the creation and expansion of Mandarina franchises, and guide us on this journey.

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How Mandarina garden looks from outside

Gratitude and love patent

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Publication in EL PAÍS national edition in section Semana Santa 2017 entitled "Dónde tomar café con niños esta Semana Santa"

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Publication in OcioMagazine, interview with Ana Calvo. "The world of imagination" by Ana Calvo"

Mandarina garden franquicias
Mandarina garden franquicias
Mandarina garden franquicias
Mandarina garden franquicias
Mandarina garden franquicias
Mandarina garden franquicias

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