Escape Room birthday parties for kids

A party of physical and mental adventure

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We present our new children's birthday parties with Escape Room in Alicante, Barakaldo, Castro, Huelva, & Parla - Madrid. As in the Escape Rooms, every detail counts and for the birthday party it cannot be less. All this is what awaits you!

Decoración de cumpleaños con Escape Room

You enter with your friends in a room, the door closes and the function begins: you have 60 minutes to solve the mystery, decipher a lot of riddles and escape as real pro researchers!

Our Escape Rooms are several games that take place in teams and are designed to test the ingenuity of the participants . The goal is to unravel an enigma and to do so, it is necessary to solve a series of challenges, find keys and decipher clues!

It is an activity that encourages teamwork and helps them collaborate with others. It also enhances logical reasoning and intellectual development, helps increase imagination, creativity and ability to concentrate and helps improve communication and stimulates their social skills.

And as you always know in Mandarina garden you have everything included : customized invitation, snack (with healthy option), space and staff exclusively for the birthday, themed decoration to the chosen room escape, sweets...

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Escape Room Themes

Choose the challenge and decipher!

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From the most Harry Potter fans to the lovers of the wonders of Egypt, through discovering all the unknowns and riddles to escape the Zombies... Which one will they dare with?

Harry Potter themed Escape Room birthday party
Birthday with Escape Room by Walking Zombie for kids
Children's Escape Room for themed birthday with The Mummy

Infórmate de tu cumple

Cierra los ojos y...

Children's birthday with Escape Room in Alicante, Barakaldo, Castro, Huelva, & Parla - Madrid

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