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The alternative to traditional nursery schools

Mandarina garden BabyResort Nursery by Montessori

Mandarina is an innovative place... And that's why we’re always on the lookout for new ways to help your little one develop. These are creative and innovative methods which help your little one to grow up hopeful, full of imagination and inspiration - a great foundation for a successful future.

Mandarina Baby Resort Morning Nursery was born out of this idea. It is the perfect alternative for babies to start to learn how to relate to others and interact. It's where they will discover the world for themselves, through fun, play and a touch of English.

If your little one is less than 3 years old and you don't want to send them to nursery school just yet, then Mandarina Baby Resort Morning Nursery is your best option!

Remember: Group sizes are small, so prior registration is necessary. Also included: family workshops such as parents yoga, baby massage, early years stimulation and playground. Come along and give it a go! Aimed at children from 0-3 years You are very welcome!

What is Mandarina Morning Montessori?

With love and respect

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The Morning Nursery is a precursor and alternative to full nursery school. You can bring your little one for hours at a time, certain days or even full weeks of morning sessions - we can adapt to you.

Who is it for? Babies aged 0-3

Mandarina philosophy and values: by Maria Montessori

Freedom with responsibility: we firmly believe in the child, and that giving them increasingly more autonomy in a safe environment where they can easily express their feelings and emotions is best for their development.

Traditional values like love, respect, community, responsibility, gratitude and a passion for learning

Careful use of materials, the learning environment and the attention to detail

Teaching through imitation: which is dynamic and interactive

We will always respect the speed at which the child develops, as each and every one is unique

Some of our Montessori activities

Light box, sensory workshops...

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Workshops and game groups with unstructured games
light box by Montessori
Workshops and play groups with sensory workshops
Games and spaces Montessori

Also in the afeternoon

New values to their free time

Space and rules in Mandarina garden Montessori

The alternative to traditional nursery school in Albacete, Alicante, Playa de San Juan, Barakaldo and Campello